Big Time SPACE Rarity & Utility Explained

BigTime posted a Medium article on the 20th of December that explains the benefits and uses of Time Machines, SPACE NFTs, Time Keepers, Hourglasses, and Forges.

Here is the short version:

Time Machine - Personal Metaverse. Think of it as a starter home to hang out and show off your NFTs and loot. Everyone is given a Time Machine.

SPACE - These come in Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, Exalted and Small, Medium, and Large. SPACE is a virtual land NFT. The larger the SPACE, the more capacity and features it has.

Time Keepers - Summoned into SPACE. May be purchased in game or the Marketplace. Time Keepers create Hourglass NFTs and fill them back up.

Hourglass - Needed to unlock the ability to collect Big Time Tokens as loot drops. This is the only way to acquire the Token.

Forge - Installed in SPACE. Players can upgrade their NFTs to increase their rarity.

Read the whole article here: Big Time SPACE Rarity & Utility Explained