How to auto-resupply your SCORE fleet with J33ves

J33ves is The Club Guild’s bot and mascot that helps run the community and gives you tools to make your Star Atlas experience more enjoyable.

Among other things, it can help you resupply your ships enlisted with Faction Fleet (SCORE).

Here are the steps you need to go through.

  1. Join The Club Guild at
  2. Verify you Solana wallet with The Club’s discord server: # :white_check_mark:│member-verify
  3. Once your wallet is verified, go to j33ves’ control channel: # :robot:│j33ves
  4. Read (/resupply-agreement) and accept resupply aggrement (/resupply-agreement accept).
  5. Send ATLAS to J33ves’ wallet (/resupply-address) from your verified wallet (this is important).
  6. Check your balance to make sure ATLAS was deposited to your ATLAS account with J33ves (/resupply-balance). It may take a couple of minutes for your deposit to hit the balance.

You are good to go. As your fleet is resupplied you can run /resupply-balance or /resupply-history to check activity of J33ves.

Now once in a while claim your ATLAS rewards from your fleets (I suggest using ), and send some of it back to J33ves to make sure you don’t miss a resupply.