'Player Profiles' Lending Tool NEWS and Discussion

The Problem:

  • Star Atlas Assets are high worth. We need a trustless way to lend assets to members / scholars.
  • The other problem is, because the game is on the blockchain, every action requires a wallet approval, even just telling a ship to move from A to B. This can become a major problem in the game, slowing the game and causing frustration in players.

The Solution

  • Star Atlas announced that they are building a tool, described as a Player Profile System, which basically allows you to have many keys on one wallet.
  • Each key can have different permission levels for example: To take the assets out of the game, that may require highest approval, but just moving the ship can be set to auto-approve.
  • There will be many permissions with different levels of security.

What Does This Mean?
Star Atlas will not develop a lending system BUT they will provide this Player Profile System as OPEN SOURCE which can provide the following:

  • Platform to build a lending tool!
  • Add other peoples keys to your profile
  • Groups of 100’s of people all on one profile, acting as one but each person has different fleets, different permissions, different levels
  • Profiles are not locked to a single wallet. Many profiles on one wallet or many wallet on one profile.
  • VERY Powerful, third parties can build on top of this, providing vast scope
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  • DACs or GUILDs will basically be a Player Profile made up of a collection of Player Profiles
  • The DAC can act as though its a player in the game or application provided by Star Atlas.
  • A member can be given permissions to act as a fleet for example