SAGE Gameplay Manual Part 1 - Game Economics

Here is the SAGE game manual part 1 - Game Economics.
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From Star Atlas:
We pride ourselves on having one of the most knowledgeable teams of economists in any crypto project. Now, they have pulled together the ultimate economic guide of SAGE, our most anxiously awaited project, showing that Star Atlas keeps its triple-A standard in every area of product development.

The document delves deep into multiple points of interest for the Star Atlas community. From the transition from SCORE to SAGE, resource crafting, mining, resource management, combat, leveling up, and much more information will pave the way for even future interactions that are not released.

Players will learn in detail about the foundation concepts of the Star Atlas economic activities, such as “Resource Hardness,” “Resource Richness,” and “Resource usefulness.” While also understanding how their earnings in ATLAS are calculated based on the Loyalty Points mechanism.

As already disclosed in this article, the Star Atlas Golden Era battle has already started, and the wise captain will use the little preparation window that we have left to learn all he can about the intriguing and strategic gameplay mechanics that are now unveiled to our community.

Should you want to explore strategies or discuss the many concepts and ideas brought in this new publication with the rest of the community and the Star Atlas team members, join us at the next Atlas Brew on 11/23/2022 in the Star Atlas Discord. Make sure you hit this [alert](Discord) to not miss it!

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Star Atlas say they have the best Economics team in crypto. They also say the economics team has worked in depth with the SAGE game design department to ensure that every component of gameplay has been translated to work well economically.

Now… I am not an economist or game designer and therefore I would like to think that any questions I have whilst reading this document have also been asked and already solved by the team and have a perfectly reasonable explanation.

In SAGE, the economy is directly linked to player behavior and gameplay choices - economic productivity and efficiency will be molded by mining, crafting, combat, and many other gameplay features players decide to engage in.
-This means it is SKILL BASED

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