Star Atlas: A Day in the Life of a MUD Faction Captain

You are a MUD Captain of The Torch of Ulysses spaceship.
Rogue Oni pirates on your tail, Ustur coming in to help…

This is just one example of starting your day in the metaverse where mundane reality pales in comparison.

The three factions of Star Atlas — MUD, ONI, USTUR — are locked in a galactic-scale peace treaty under which broods an equally grand conflict. As a citizen of Star Atlas, every one of your actions determines how far the reach of your faction and guild extends into deep, dark space. Exert economic dominance by amassing ATLAS, the in-game currency, which gives you the means to acquire spacecraft, space stations, equipment, and land. Or get a hold of POLIS to wield political influence across the cosmos and shape the future of the world in Star Atlas.

As a player, you leave a unique imprint on the world around you and on your faction. This permanently shapes how you interact with other players, be they friend or foe, as well as the way you access a marketplace to make unique cosmetic and functional upgrades to your ship and avatar.

Define your play style as a trader, miner, hauler, sentry, bounty hunter, data scanner, a diplomat or any number of other roles to serve your fellow faction members or even lead them to supremacy.

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