The Club Promotional NFT Airdrop

Merry Christmas to All!

We wish All members in The Club Guild and your families, good health and prosperity for years to come and we look forward to celebrating many more with you all as we pioneer the future of the Metaverse together!

In celebration of the holidays season we are airdropping a promotional Christmas postcard NFT to top 1000 asset holders of Star Atlas game and all of our verified members.

The card animation was designed in collaboration with a talented NFT artist - rand0mograph.
The Club Guild was founded only in September and look how far we have come in just this short space of time!

  • Over 3000 members in our server and a similar number of subscribers on our Youtube channel!

  • We have worked with Star Atlas concept artists to give Jeeves an ultra realist rendering and we airdropped our first ever Guild NFT, Club City.

  • Our referral rewards program has been hugely successful with our members bringing in very large numbers of new members.

These are just a few items we have achieved in this short space of time and we are so grateful to All of you who make The Club Guild the best community in the Metaverse!!