The End of The Blue Planet

The End of the Blue Planet

After the coming of Ahr we lost almost everything, knowledge from the period was wiped out. What was once our rich and beautiful planet was now barren and burning, the civilization we created fallen, only ruins remained. This is a compilation of all the discovered documents from the arrival of Arh, to our final exit from The Blue Planet that have since been salvaged.

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The Arrival

Unknown Writer - Day of Arrival

The sky opened and a being of light appeared before us, “Is this God?”, I questioned. The world had stopped, nothing moved, a quiet that I didn’t know was possible in our mechanical age had occurred. What was to come? God’s light illuminated our world, as far as the eye could see, the light poured down even in the darkness of night, after minutes, finally, the world started again. Those around me had very different reactions, where i stared in awe, some fell to their knees and prayed, others screamed in terror.

Never have I been so afraid, and yet so inspired by the being in front of me. I did not believe in God, but now, what else could this be besides God showing himself before us. I no longer stared in awe, I joined those who kneeled as I looked up and prayed…

A God has appeared before us, and though I believe, is it truly a god that descended, or is it merely a demon in disguise that will bring this world to an end?

Jeffrey Daniel (Future Cardinal of the Religion of Ahr) - Day of Arrival

It was a normal day. I woke up, brushed my teeth, showered and headed out to pick up my coffee from the local coffee place on the way to work. It was uneventful. The world was bland and boring as always, life was mundane, and I was tired of it. I had been depressed for years, but today, it felt like a day to die.

I didn’t go to work, I was prepared for what was to come, I drove to the dam. I hesitated all day, ignored the calls from the office, and stayed leaning on the railing of the dam contemplating, expecting nothing to break the reverie of my final moments.

Then it happened, the sky opened, and suddenly the dreary life that I was seeking to end was longer dreary. I had seen the light, and nothing would stop me from following it for I had found purpose, and with purpose came clarity. I know what I must do now. I will follow God to the ends of the universe and I will bring the world with me. No force on Earth will stop me from showing others what I have now seen.

Partial Transcript of Channel 60 News - Day after Arrival

An unknown being appeared in the skys of the Western Hemisphere at approximately 10 pm pacific standard time (PST) on Wednes….

Is this God? I’m sure many of you have had similar thoughts of whether there is a higher power? Does God exist? Whether god is man, or women? Are we finally going to receive answers to questions that science could never prove? Join us later today as we explore these questions on Channel 60 news.

Governments around the world are racing to figure out what is happening and to make contact with the being first. Who knows what first contact may bring to those who seek it. The United States, China, and other world powers have already begun full mobilisation of their armies in preparation. We have reached out to representatives of each government but have been met with nothing but silence. It seems even governments are unable to make sense of what they are seeing.

I don’t know if anyone else has watched Independence Day, or any other alien invasion movie, but if i’ve learned anything, this is an invasion and we need to be prepared. If we’re lucky, this is just a peaceful alien coming to say hello, if not, maybe the world is ending. We recommend everyone stay inside and keep their televisions tuned to the news. We will be giving live updates on channel 60 as the situation with the alien unfolds throughout the day. Please be patient and be prepared.

This is ________________________ signing off for possibly the last time. May God have mercy on us.