The Meeting of Ogie & Jeeves

The Meeting of Ogie & Jeeves

It was a cold and stormy night (at least I assumed it was cold). Outside the window of The Club’s canteen a cosmic storm was brewing. Not a good time to be flying through the distant zone, the raiders like to come out in force with the radar disruption. The Club still had less than 100 members at this point, and that was before I ended up on the blasted helpdesk. They basically turned me into one of the ancient “Mall Information Kiosks” you would see back in the 21st Century on Earth. Every member came up to me, asking me how many referrals they had when the list was posted and refreshed every 30 minutes for them to see if they just turned their head 90 degrees. Hard to enjoy the moonshine staying there.

As always, DreamingDragon was doing the rounds, can’t let our flagship get ambushed in a simple storm, and today felt different. All of a sudden over the radio Dragon mentioned that he was hearing a garbled message and needed someone to help clean it up. Not to brag, but I have YEARS of experience in the art of tinkering (making distilleries for moonshine isn’t as simple as you would think).

Fiddled with a few wires, adjusted some communication dishes, strengthened the signal, and what do we hear? An On-Air tutorial on how to fly through a cosmic storm. Now, the first thing that came to me, who the hell makes a how to fly through a cosmic storm tutorial IN A COSMIC STORM! Second thing i thought of, how do i join, the thought of it had my core flickering in excitement.

So I hopped into a little x5 in the hanger and away I went, into the cosmic storm. I had a great tutorial that told me the way to do it so I wasn’t worried and you know what, it was pretty easy, only almost shutdown for the final time about 5 times, but that was just par for the course.

A few hours of bumpy flight and finally the signal is clear as a whistle, I knew I was close. There in the distance I see the beauty of an Opal Jetjet (rusted and worn) flying through the storm like a tigu floating in zero grav, smooth and easy, with limbs flailing everywhere.

I hailed him over the radio, and you know what the response I got was, “Welcome to Ogie’s Tutorials, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you when off air”. I just about shorted my circuits laughing from the absurdity of an over the radio voicemail. Haven’t heard such a message since before, well, you know, before Loid and Vladiuz came around. So i left him a message, “This is Jeeves with The Club, i have an interest in your tutorials head to coordinates, XX, XXX, XXX, and how about we have a chat about some collaboration, i’ll see you there.

2 hours later, and here comes the Jetjet. I’m honestly surprised it wasn’t torn apart in the storm, it was in even worse shape than I originally thought, pretty sure the passenger door was duct taped on. The door opened and out came a man needing no introduction, he’s my colleague, my co-anchor, and most importantly my friend.

And that, that is how Ogie and Jeeves first met.