YGG to purchase $1 million of Star Atlas Assets - The Breakdown

On the eve of the Star Atlas browser release tomorrow we have another official announcement titled " Yield Guild Games Commits to $1M Purchase of Star Atlas Game Assets"

Let’s jump right into it:

“Star Atlas is thrilled to announce that Yield Guild Games has committed to purchasing $1 million worth of Star Atlas NFT gaming assets as part of a long-term partnership between the two projects.”

I wonder what YGG will do with their new shiny single Titan? Or if it’s an auction maybe they’ll get half a titan? Woohoo Half A Titan!

But really that sounds great. Everyone loves cash and a million is a lot of cash. If you go check out the current Star Atlas Leaderboard there are currently only five wallets with over one million in assets.

The article then continues on about how great Star Atlas and YGG are at working together. You can read that yourself. Let’s skip to the next fun part…

“Several game assets are already on sale at the game’s marketplace, with asset prices ranging from $20 to over $1 million. Aided by their acquired assets, Yield Guild will be presented with several cooperative opportunities, ready to be capitalized upon through the coordinated efforts of guild members.”

The way that reads it almost sounds like YGG will have access to cooperative opportunities that the rest of us might not have access too? Am I reading that right? Them sounds like fightin’ words…

“Over the past two years, the game’s development team has expanded to include over 130 individuals, all currently working towards launch.”

A lot of people wonder how many people are currently on the team so there you go.

Ok a little more boringish stuff…Unreal 5 … blah blah blah, YGG … blah blah blah… ok…

“While the game itself is under development, new features are being rolled out on an ongoing basis, including a Faction Selection update in the week of October 5, 2021, and a mini-game later this year, giving players a glimpse into what the game will entail.”

There you have it. The mini-game is LATER THIS YEAR. I don’t know who to blame for this so I blame you. Tomorrow we only select factions. Fantastic.

“Most recently, exchange giant FTX teamed up with Star Atlas to release FTX-themed spaceship skins, currently for sale on the exchange’s NFT marketplace, and with digital design house The Fabricant to release FIRMAM3NTAL: STAR✩MAKERS, a first-ever high fashion blockchain gaming garment collection.”

Everyone likes skins and all of these are pretty cool. I really love the FIRMAM3NTAL: STAR✩MAKERS fashion line.

“Other interesting features and facets of Star Atlas include:
Immersive, high quality 3-dimensional universe ripe for exploration and conquest. Player ships can be used to engage in mining, exploration, and battle.”

The universe is ripe. I wonder how it smells. Let’s explore.

“True, fundamental ownership of game assets, recorded and secured by the blockchain.”

That is until those assets get destroyed in combat. Or you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere with no cash. Then it’s asta la vista baby. I mean maybe. Who knows for sure at this point. Yeah so asta la vista maybe.

“DeFi brought to day-to-day gaming, with the opportunity to earn residual income from gameplay by capturing revenue in the metaverse.”

The opportunity to earn residual income from gameplay by capturing revenue in the metaverse. I love everything about that sentence.

“Largely decentralized project governance, consisting of multiple DAOs, utility token and governance token.”

Largely decentralized. But not completely. It’s a game after all and we need devs. But this is still cool.

“Tool set for players to manage treasury and develop political strategies.”

I vote for myself as Guild Treasurer. What’s that? No, no, we don’t need a financial oversite committee. I can handle all the finances alone!

“Runs on the Solana blockchain, which is the premiere ecosystem for NFTs, games and DeFi. Using Solana allows Star Atlas to offer its players near-serverless gameplay as well as the secured storage and transaction of game items.”

Yay Solana.

“Allows guilds, businesses and other organizations to conduct operations in a metaverse environment.”

What I read here is that In and Out burger can conduct business in the metaverse. But that’s probably because I’m hungry at this point.

I’ll see you all tomorrow when we spend 5 minutes selecting factions and then go back to Discord. It should be a wild ride!